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Taking Notes

We Work toactualize ajust society

The UCLA Center on Race & Digital Justice exists as a nexus that grounds and inspires research, action, and care in response to the harms caused by tech that diminish human possibilities. We see our role as connective tissue in service to coordinating shared purpose to cultivates change and sustain impact.


the work of others working on pressing issues at the intersection of tech and society

We see our role as connective tissue in service

to supporting and uplifting others to cultivate a shared purpose and amplifying / sustain impact.

//our levers of change


We conduct research, support under-represented scholars of color, and actively build the future of the field of critical data, information, and internet studies.


We support the work of community based organizations and provide expertise to inform International, federal, state, and local policy that foregrounds humanity over tech.


We believe long-term societal change requires us to support the physical, mental, and financial wellbeing and fill gaps that allow for participation of our network.

our work in practice 

We believe in order to create sustainable, long-term societal change we have to create and provide the mechanisms of care to support the wellbeing of the whole person. Sustainable changemaking cannot be achieved without regard for all the needs of those in the work. 

Our work is made possible by
the generosity of:

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