Image by Susan Wilkinson

The Center on Race and Digital Justice, led by Director Dr. Safiya Noble, is a new and groundbreaking effort at UCLA that focuses on deep and lasting public impact that foregrounds accountability and repair from extant and emerging harms. We are informing legislation, building strong networks of coordinated work, collaborating with grassroots organizers, conducting academic and legal research, curating public lectures, and supporting new thinkers and leaders. 

Our work streams are not mutually independent, but rather create an ecosystem that builds on, enhances, and amplifies the efforts of others. The work of the Center on Race and Digital Justice engages with a variety of network touch points from policy makers to scholars, activists to tech workers and storytellers to foster critical, sustainable, and scalable change at the intersection of race and digital justice.

Our vision is to cultivate leaders and coalitions who will have long-lasting impact that can reverse the harms of networked digital technologies at scale. The Center focuses on who holds power, how to redistribute power, and the ways in which data and technology reflect power structures. We stay grounded, not abstract – as it is the real experiences of people that motivate us, and real people for whom we work with to make change.

We are deeply grateful for the colleagueship and generosity from our community of early supporters. We look forward to sharing more when we formally launch the Center this November 2022.


Meet the Team

Dr. Safiya Noble

Founder & Director

Vanessa Rhinesmith

Executive Director & Chief of Staff to the Director

Akina Younge

Director of Movement Collaborations

Ifeoma Ozoma

Director, Tech Accountability

Karla Bell, Esq.

Director, Digital Civil Rights Law Clinic

Nicole Murphy

Advisor, Communications & Production

Dr. Avriel Epps-Darling

Research Fellow

Xiaowei Wang

Research Fellow